Roronoa Zoro (gavemyword) wrote,
Roronoa Zoro

006 || [Video/Action]

[A certain swordsman's still home, probably because he tried to leave and couldn't find his way out of the building. Either way, he's sitting in front of his communicator, getting BZZZZT-ed for his troubles. He drops it and the camera focuses on a small pile of ugly, uninspired drawings sitting near the back of the apartment. It looks like someone's been experimenting with his bucket of candy.

When the camera finally turns right side up, it's to Zoro's curiously pinched expression. He's contemplating saying something, and it would probably seem a lot more serious had there not been a pink-and-white floral snuggie resting on the top of his head. It's cold, okay. Don't judge.

When he speaks, his tone is as floral as his attire.]

Beware everything
Strange gifts: Don't eat the candy
Stuck this way... [He tries to stop speaking here, but. Twitch.] ... for now.
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