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Patent File

Name: Hunter, Jean-David
Sex: Male
Age: 19
D.O.B.: 11/11
Blood Type: AB

Height: 5’10”/178cm
Weight: 185lbs./83kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Nationality: Japanese

Family History: Jean-David was orphaned as a young boy. No records of birth parents or any living blood kin. Current relatives are as follows:

Hiromaru Hunter
Age: 47
Relation: Adoptive Father
Occupation: Professional Athlete; Owner and head of Shimutsuki Dojo
Nationality: Japanese
Civil Status: Widow
Brief History: Set up shop in Osaka sometime in the late 70’s. With precious few distinctions as a martial artist, he is a quiet and unassuming man. He married an American woman who later died at childbirth and was forced to raise his young daughter on his own. His first student was said daughter, whom he trained up to champion status. He adopted Jean-David from a government orphanage after expanding his practice to ten students. The success of both his children garnered a lot of attention for his dojo, though Jean’s apparent breakdown has brought some scandal to its doorsteps. He holds no grudges against his adopted son.

Kuina Hunter
Age: 21
Relation: Adoptive Sister
Occupation: Retired Professional Athlete and Sporting Goods Model; teacher at Shimutsuki Dojo
Nationality: Japanese-American
Civil Status: Single
Brief History: Ms. Hunter won her first kendo competition at the age of six. She was awarded shodan at age twelve all the while competing and winning at various national competitions. She was very supportive of her adoptive brother and was a large influence on both his physical and psychological development. Conversations with the patient Jean-David indicate his obsession with beating her in a duel, a feat he has yet to achieve. He also believes her to be dead, perhaps in reference to the car accident that turned her into a paraplegic. She currently teaches basic summer classes at her father’s dojo.

Life History: (Not part of the physical file) Jean-David’s records indicate no immediate or known parentage in Osaka. The three year old was found to have wandered into a Catholic church one November evening. With no clues as to his origin, the French nuns running the Church baptized him Jean-David before handing him over to a government orphanage. He was adopted by a local swords master three years after the fact.

Jean was surrounded by a challenging albeit supportive family. His talent for martial arts quickly becoming apparent to those around him, he was frequently encouraged to tour competitions with his older and obviously more talented sister, perhaps at the cost of being sheltered from most normal childhood experiences. Jean eventually noticed the disparity between his and his sister’s skills and decided to make a rival of the popular Kuina. His childhood was spent training, competing, and touring the country. Though Jean never seemed to mind, it was glaringly obvious to his family that competition—being the best—was quickly becoming the central focus of his life. Neither of them quite knowing how to address this obsession, they merely excused it as passion and replaced the lack of childish longings with stories of pirates, friendship, and adventure. Little did they know how much these stories would impress on Jean’s psyche, the young boy juxtaposing a life of pirating to the strict and rigid lifestyle he knew. The concept of having friends, close ones, also seemed to appeal to the sheltered little boy.

The Shimutsuki Dojo grew quickly in both prestige and students, and by the time Jean turned fifteen he was allowed to join his sister at international competitions. He was a nidan at this point, running after the shadow of a very talented yondan. Watching his sister grow in fame (a virtually undefeated kendo champion at age 18, she was approached with numerous sports modeling contracts that kept her as busy as her training), he made her his ideal. He swore himself to a life of hard work, though he never seemed to come within range of his own expectations. He rejected the limelight, both annoyed and embarrassed by it.

It was after the semi-finals at an American competition that the 17-year-old Zoro and his 19-year-old sister got into a car accident just outside a construction site. A large pipe burst through the window, nearly impaling Jean, while an unprotected Kuina was thrown from the car. The accident changed many things. Kuina, suffering from a serious spinal cord injury, was confined to a wheelchair. Jean, whose chest had been scratched through with the protruding pipe, was forced to undergo long and painful therapy for a little over half a year. The experience left Jean shaken and emotionally distant.

While planning a return to professional kendo, his fighting style grew increasingly violent and erratic. His vicious performances at competitions worried officials who felt that the family tragedy was perhaps too much for a boy who may not yet have fully recovered from the ordeal. They suggested counseling, which Jean’s father was only too eager to provide. At age nineteen, Jean was formally barred from participating in both national and international competitions pending possible mental instability. This was the final blow for Jean, who felt such intense shame that he attempted to run away claiming he was “lost” and “couldn’t find [his] ship”. (He attacked two police officers who tried to take him into custody, calling them, “Bastard Marines!”) Fearing irreparable damage had been made, his father quickly shipped him off to Landel’s Institute.

Medical History: There were no signs of mental or physical disparity at the time of Jean’s adoption. He had two thin scars on his ankles from catching them on a steel wire, but was in otherwise perfect health. At age seventeen, he was in a car accident that left an indelible mark on both his physique and psyche. This was the beginning of Jean’s major regression into the person who would be later known as “Zoro”. His sister was confined to the hospital for over a year, a fact that left him with little to no contact with her after the accident and he seemed to believe her to be dead, almost to the point of wishing. His budding illness kept him far removed from news of her condition, and the choking pressure of his situation started him longing for a freer, less structured lifestyle. Having a lot of time to himself, he began digging through old childhood storybooks about pirates and adventure and friends. A childhood devoid of close friends outside the dojo, he started wondering, then associating, various people in his life to the ideals of his childish fantasies. When the delusions began to seriously endanger both Jean and the people around him, his father had him placed in the protective care of Landel’s Institute.

Current Status: Jean-David’s persona is stubborn and he appears to manifest this in dealings with the staff. There is a lot of room for improvement, as he has blocked out memories of his life prior to his arrival at Landel’s. He regresses further into his delusions when around similar cases (see files Gatz, Timothy;Rousseau, Florian; Halling, Anthony) and must be kept separate whenever possible. So far, he has yet to break from his persona’s idiosyncrasies.

Working Diagnosis: Not Available

Name: Roronoa Zoro
"Real" Name: Jean-David Hunter (taken from the previous Zoro)
Room Number:
Age: 19
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Black
Height: 178cm (5'10")
Other Characteristics: There's a long, rough looking scar across his abdomen running from his left shoulder to right hip; his ankles have scars almost all the way around them, as if someone had tried hacking his feet off.

Main Language: One Piece-ese (Japanese)
Second Language(s): None

Current Physical Status: Healthy
Current Power Limitations: More than above average prowess as a swordsman but he know follows the regular laws of physics (as opposed to the usual standards of the One Piece world.)
Current Belongings): Regular starter kit

Informational Link: Coming Soon
Series: One Piece
"Real Life" Background: Coming Soon
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