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Tracking Post

Day 44: Introduction

Zoro wakes up in time for breakfast but (due to the utter fail of his mun) no one gets to bother the green haired sourpuss. He spends happy naked time flexing his muscles for Takasugi Shinsuke. Lunch time with Brook turned into a kind of grumpy game show, while the shift after had Zoro vehementaly denying he was any sort of bear.

Night 44:
Through a not very surprising turn of events, Zoro gets lost and has to ask directions from a presumably nice lady. The Nice Lady is, in fact, Wizard Howl, who takes an extreme dislike to being mistaken as a woman. Zoro decides that the best thing to do after this is to tag along and hope he can find his nakama. In exchange for Howl's directions, Zoro offers to help with the wizard's "errands", which leads them through the Sun Room and past Albedo undergoing SC. They eventually reach the kitchen where they spend the rest of the night searching for Howl's components and wishing for alcohol.
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