Roronoa Zoro (gavemyword) wrote,
Roronoa Zoro

003 || [Video]

[What's this? Another accidental video feed? Oh, but the subject's asleep; he must've just turned it on when he rolled over. No surprise there. The video is blurred white, texture rough and grainy. From the one button pressing into the top screen, it might become obvious to some of you that whatever it was was a shirt and that whoever was wearing it probably bought it a few sizes too small... if you catch my drift.]


[A pair of breasts jiggle into view following a rather provocative stretching routine. Discedo's resident Pirate Hunter has somehow grown himself a pair overnight and his lips are now rosier, perkier... did those eyelashes get longer??

S/He notices the communicator on the ground and makes to pick it up. Zoro's looking around the room, trying to locate his small nakama amidst the mess, so he doesn't notice that the hand reaching out is significantly more delicate looking. The audience should note, however, that Zoro is reaching up with the other hand to scratch herself. Where, exactly, do you ask? Why, right on the chest of course.

The hand lands. A moment of silence. Then, slowly, a horrified expression enters her face. Zoro looks down at herself and the hand squishes resolutely at the offending body part. The last shot you'll get is of Zoro's mouth opening to yell out obscenities right before her other hand descends on the communicator and, finally, darkness.]
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