Roronoa Zoro (gavemyword) wrote,
Roronoa Zoro

003 || [Voice/Video]

[In the midst of the event's second phase Zoro and Anemone are on the Weather Hardy, finally winding down from their little run around town. There's something interesting in the water and Zoro'll turn on the video to give you all a peek at what's left of Miria and Isaac.]

Oi. We found two bodies floating in the lake. [...] Anyone know them? Looks like the guy's missing his shoes.

[He's silent for a moment, waiting for a reply. All is normal for the most part. The distracted muttering starts about five seconds in.]

... probably just a dream. A dream. She couldn't be here anyway... Wouldn't make sense...

Goddamn it. Kuina.

[He continues talking to himself even as the communicator surreptitiously clicks off.]
Tags: at least he's not lost, death doesn't even begin to cover it, the weather hardy
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