Roronoa Zoro (gavemyword) wrote,
Roronoa Zoro

002 || [Video/Action]

[The video quality is a little worse than usual, but the sights and sounds of the lake are probably discernible through the static. There are brown, calloused hands covering a portion of the video, their owner curiously unaware that he's blocking the view.

A burst of static skitters across the screen as the device comes swinging around. When the video settles, it's on an image of the ship deck a little behind Zoro. The swordsman himself is saying something, though the words are muffled and faint. Clearly, that's his hand pressing down on the mic. When it finally moves away, Zoro's on his last words:]

--ecking to see who gets this...

[Zoro stares into the video for a moment, waiting. Then the feed cuts off.

On deck, he sets the device aside and resumes watch. If anyone needs him, he'll just be here vigilantly(?) snoring away.]
Tags: alive alert awake enthusiastic, at least he's not lost, missing my weights, onward to spero!
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