Roronoa Zoro (gavemyword) wrote,
Roronoa Zoro

001 || Accidental Video

[There's a man who may or may not be familiar to some of you wandering just along the outskirts of the Residential District. There's something different about him though. It might be the wary gait and lost, confused expression but, no, that's actually pretty commonplace here. It might be the three swords hanging at his hip-- who needs three swords anyway?-- as they clink along next to him...

Or it might be the giant bear outfit made out of bandages. Through the dark video, you might be able to make out the image of nubby, rounded arms flailing in barely concealed rage as they fail, over and over, to grasp the swords by his side. Muffled cursing bleeds through the grainy video as the bear-man performs a half-skip-jump-turn. It quickly becomes apparent why his balance looks off: The leg area's as heavily wrapped up as his arms.]

That god... damn-- ARGH, that witch! What the hell is wrong with these bandages?! OI! Get this thing off me!

[Shuffle. Shuffle. The video turns to static as Zoro steps on the communicator. GRR...]

... Eh? The hell's this?
Tags: he's the goddamn bearman, intro, please return to lost and found
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