Roronoa Zoro (gavemyword) wrote,
Roronoa Zoro

How's My Driving: Quality Drive-By Critique Appreciated!

This guy getting lost too many times? Is he too nice? Too deadly? Too suave? Too... green? Please let me know! Practice only makes permanent, so if I'm doing something wrong it's better to nip it in the bud early. I'm not a hard person to sway. I promise I'll at least listen.

And if you have any issues with my English, feel free to correct me here as well! I'm an ESL speaker(?) and it sometimes takes me a while to arrange my tenses (YES, THIS SPECIFICALLY. GODDAMN TENSES) and to sort through all those gosh-darn colloquialisms and idiomatic expressions. A dog in the hand is worth two in the bush? Errors, especially funny or embarrassing ones, should be compiled and preserved here for posterity.

You don't have to be nice but I'd thank you to be polite when dropping by!

[Stadard HMD rules apply! Anon on, IP logging off; if you have any beef to take up with me in private, leave a comment or PM me on this journal.]
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