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Jun. 19th, 2030


How's My Driving: Quality Drive-By Critique Appreciated!

This guy getting lost too many times? Is he too nice? Too deadly? Too suave? Too... green? Please let me know! Practice only makes permanent, so if I'm doing something wrong it's better to nip it in the bud early. I'm not a hard person to sway. I promise I'll at least listen.

And if you have any issues with my English, feel free to correct me here as well! I'm an ESL speaker(?) and it sometimes takes me a while to arrange my tenses (YES, THIS SPECIFICALLY. GODDAMN TENSES) and to sort through all those gosh-darn colloquialisms and idiomatic expressions. A dog in the hand is worth two in the bush? Errors, especially funny or embarrassing ones, should be compiled and preserved here for posterity.

You don't have to be nice but I'd thank you to be polite when dropping by!

[Stadard HMD rules apply! Anon on, IP logging off; if you have any beef to take up with me in private, leave a comment or PM me on this journal.]

Oct. 31st, 2010

I'm trying to be nice GDI

006 || [Video/Action]

[A certain swordsman's still home, probably because he tried to leave and couldn't find his way out of the building. Either way, he's sitting in front of his communicator, getting BZZZZT-ed for his troubles. He drops it and the camera focuses on a small pile of ugly, uninspired drawings sitting near the back of the apartment. It looks like someone's been experimenting with his bucket of candy.

When the camera finally turns right side up, it's to Zoro's curiously pinched expression. He's contemplating saying something, and it would probably seem a lot more serious had there not been a pink-and-white floral snuggie resting on the top of his head. It's cold, okay. Don't judge.

When he speaks, his tone is as floral as his attire.]

Beware everything
Strange gifts: Don't eat the candy
Stuck this way... [He tries to stop speaking here, but. Twitch.] ... for now.

Oct. 1st, 2010


005 || [voice]

[BZZZZZT-- a burst of static and vague cursing in the background. The fumbling sound of something hitting the floor, then:]

Found him. Docks. [The soft shnk of sword from sheath.] Hurry up.

Aug. 12th, 2010

I'm trying to be nice GDI

004 || [voice/video/action]


[The voice, when it comes, sounds a lot less worried than exasperated. It might be that his captain's absence hasn't quite sunk in yet or it might even be some kind of complacency born of hearing stories of others disappearing and reappearing just as easily as he himself had.

Most likely, the exasperation is because he's once again lost his way. Luffy can take care of himself, mysterious disappearances or not. Zoro had every confidence in his captain and in their small crew's ability to hold down the Discedo fort on their own. They were pirates. They'd figure something out.

But first. There was one great obstacle he needed to overcome.]

The hell--!? I just passed that rock...!

[And so on and so forth. A few rustling leaves and snapping twigs later, the video clicks on. On it is Zoro's lovely, lovely mug looking embarrassed and shifty eyed. Behind him: The forest.]

-- think 'm lost
... Anyone know how to get to Marshall from here?

[From somewhere above Zoro, there's the sound of a tree branch breaking. One wide eyed realization later and the swordsman's turning, left arm going to one of his swords as he drops the communicator to the floor.

Too late.]

((note: the thread with lion!Sho will be on an open video feed.))

Jul. 28th, 2010


003 || [Video]

[What's this? Another accidental video feed? Oh, but the subject's asleep; he must've just turned it on when he rolled over. No surprise there. The video is blurred white, texture rough and grainy. From the one button pressing into the top screen, it might become obvious to some of you that whatever it was was a shirt and that whoever was wearing it probably bought it a few sizes too small... if you catch my drift.]


[A pair of breasts jiggle into view following a rather provocative stretching routine. Discedo's resident Pirate Hunter has somehow grown himself a pair overnight and his lips are now rosier, perkier... did those eyelashes get longer??

S/He notices the communicator on the ground and makes to pick it up. Zoro's looking around the room, trying to locate his small nakama amidst the mess, so he doesn't notice that the hand reaching out is significantly more delicate looking. The audience should note, however, that Zoro is reaching up with the other hand to scratch herself. Where, exactly, do you ask? Why, right on the chest of course.

The hand lands. A moment of silence. Then, slowly, a horrified expression enters her face. Zoro looks down at herself and the hand squishes resolutely at the offending body part. The last shot you'll get is of Zoro's mouth opening to yell out obscenities right before her other hand descends on the communicator and, finally, darkness.]

Jul. 23rd, 2010


003 || [Voice/Video]

[In the midst of the event's second phase Zoro and Anemone are on the Weather Hardy, finally winding down from their little run around town. There's something interesting in the water and Zoro'll turn on the video to give you all a peek at what's left of Miria and Isaac.]

Oi. We found two bodies floating in the lake. [...] Anyone know them? Looks like the guy's missing his shoes.

[He's silent for a moment, waiting for a reply. All is normal for the most part. The distracted muttering starts about five seconds in.]

... probably just a dream. A dream. She couldn't be here anyway... Wouldn't make sense...

Goddamn it. Kuina.

[He continues talking to himself even as the communicator surreptitiously clicks off.]

Jul. 7th, 2010


002 || [Video/Action]

[The video quality is a little worse than usual, but the sights and sounds of the lake are probably discernible through the static. There are brown, calloused hands covering a portion of the video, their owner curiously unaware that he's blocking the view.

A burst of static skitters across the screen as the device comes swinging around. When the video settles, it's on an image of the ship deck a little behind Zoro. The swordsman himself is saying something, though the words are muffled and faint. Clearly, that's his hand pressing down on the mic. When it finally moves away, Zoro's on his last words:]

--ecking to see who gets this...

[Zoro stares into the video for a moment, waiting. Then the feed cuts off.

On deck, he sets the device aside and resumes watch. If anyone needs him, he'll just be here vigilantly(?) snoring away.]

Jun. 23rd, 2010


001 || Accidental Video

[There's a man who may or may not be familiar to some of you wandering just along the outskirts of the Residential District. There's something different about him though. It might be the wary gait and lost, confused expression but, no, that's actually pretty commonplace here. It might be the three swords hanging at his hip-- who needs three swords anyway?-- as they clink along next to him...

Or it might be the giant bear outfit made out of bandages. Through the dark video, you might be able to make out the image of nubby, rounded arms flailing in barely concealed rage as they fail, over and over, to grasp the swords by his side. Muffled cursing bleeds through the grainy video as the bear-man performs a half-skip-jump-turn. It quickly becomes apparent why his balance looks off: The leg area's as heavily wrapped up as his arms.]

That god... damn-- ARGH, that witch! What the hell is wrong with these bandages?! OI! Get this thing off me!

[Shuffle. Shuffle. The video turns to static as Zoro steps on the communicator. GRR...]

... Eh? The hell's this?

Nov. 5th, 2007


Patent File

Name: Hunter, Jean-David
Sex: Male
Age: 19
D.O.B.: 11/11
Blood Type: AB

Height: 5’10”/178cm
Weight: 185lbs./83kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Nationality: Japanese

Family History, Life History, Medical HistoryCollapse )

Current Status: Jean-David’s persona is stubborn and he appears to manifest this in dealings with the staff. There is a lot of room for improvement, as he has blocked out memories of his life prior to his arrival at Landel’s. He regresses further into his delusions when around similar cases (see files Gatz, Timothy;Rousseau, Florian; Halling, Anthony) and must be kept separate whenever possible. So far, he has yet to break from his persona’s idiosyncrasies.

Working Diagnosis: Not Available

Old Profile Notes: Because The Mun is SentimentalCollapse )

Oct. 8th, 2007


Tracking Post

Day 44: Introduction

Zoro wakes up in time for breakfast but (due to the utter fail of his mun) no one gets to bother the green haired sourpuss. He spends happy naked time flexing his muscles for Takasugi Shinsuke. Lunch time with Brook turned into a kind of grumpy game show, while the shift after had Zoro vehementaly denying he was any sort of bear.

Night 44:
Through a not very surprising turn of events, Zoro gets lost and has to ask directions from a presumably nice lady. The Nice Lady is, in fact, Wizard Howl, who takes an extreme dislike to being mistaken as a woman. Zoro decides that the best thing to do after this is to tag along and hope he can find his nakama. In exchange for Howl's directions, Zoro offers to help with the wizard's "errands", which leads them through the Sun Room and past Albedo undergoing SC. They eventually reach the kitchen where they spend the rest of the night searching for Howl's components and wishing for alcohol.